Wayne County Sheriff Barry Virts Earns Re-Accreditation

NY Sheriffs Association

wayne-reaccredWayne County Sheriff Barry Virts was recognized before the County Board of Supervisors in June along with members of his staff for their efforts in earning re-accreditation of the Corrections Division. Executive Director Peter Kehoe praised: Undersheriff Jeff Fosdick, Lieutenant David Ambeau, RN Bernice Miller, Sergeant Richard Morrison, Sergeant James Miller, Sergeant Andrew Steel, Correction Officer Armand Miale, and Correction Officer Phil Bustos for “devoting a great deal of extra time and effort to the many administrative and operational details required to successfully document and demonstrate that the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office is most deserving of this recognition.” Sheriff Virts’ office also holds accreditations of the court security, civil, and law enforcement divisions from NYSSA and the NYS LEAC. Congratulations!