Wayne County Lieutenant Stephen Sklenar Promoted to Chief Deputy

NY Sheriffs Association

Wayne County Sheriff Barry Virts announces the promotion of Lieutenant Stephen Sklenar to the rank of Chief Deputy effective December 30, 2016. The new Chief Deputy is a 43-year veteran of the Sheriff’s Office.
In 2012, Chief Deputy Sklenar led the Civil Office Accreditation process for his office. In 2015, he received the prestigious Carl Draxler Award from the Sheriffs’ Association for his career achievement.
Chief Deputy Sklemar currently chairs the committee to align NYSSA’s Civil Accreditation Standards with the Standards of Law Enforcement Accreditation, and assisted NYSSA Counsel Tom Mitchell in re-writing the current Civil Office Accreditation Standards.
Chief Deputy Sklenar was an original member of the Sheriff’s Office Special Teams: Scuba Team, Emergency Response Team (Leader and Commander) and Crash Management Reconstruction Team.
“Chief Deputy Sklenar, throughout his career, has exhibited continued dedication and commitment to the Wayne County Office of Sheriff in all aspects of his assignments and responsibilities, almost always above and beyond what is required. He has changed with the times and in most cases trained himself with the ever-changing technologies presented to the law enforcement profession to lead the Wayne County Office of Sheriff in these new evolutions of change and progression,” Sheriff Virts said.