2022 Undersheriffs Conference

NY Sheriffs Association

NYSSA Undersheriffs Conference 2022

The New York State Sheriffs’ Association hosted the annual Undersheriffs Training Conference on June 20-22, 2022, in Saratoga, NY. Over 40 Undersheriffs from around the state participated in the conference.

Among the highlights:

  • Attorney Elayne Gold from the law firm of Roemer Wallens Gold & Mineaux LLC returned for a discussion with Undersheriffs on Employee Corrective Actions and General Municipal Law updates. “Times have changed,” she explained, noting the increased complexity of handling labor-related issues. “You have to take people as they are.”
  • Program Manager Robert Cuttita provided updates on Sheriffs’ Covid Grants for County Jails, followed by Tobi Kirschmann, Founder and President of DNAInvestigations, with information on advances in Genetic Genealogy that aid law-enforcement agencies in solving current and cold cases.
  • All three Commissioners from the State’s Commission on Corrections – Commission Chair and former Madison County Sheriff Allen Riley, Commissioner Yolanda Canty, and Commissioner Thomas Loughren, former Chenango County Sheriff and Past President of the New York State Sheriffs’ Association – spoke during the SCOC Review.
  • Warren County Undersheriff Terry Comeau consulted with the Commissioners during a discussion about Medically Assisted Treatment (MAT).
  • Tony Lowden, the new Vice President of Reintegration and Community Engagement for ViaPath Technologies, shared his backstory with Undersheriffs, including his work as Reintegration Czar for former President Trump.

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