Essex County

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Richard Cutting


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PO Box 68, 7802 Stowersville Road, Lewis, NY 12950






1,916 square miles



County Seat

Elizabethtown, NY


After a tour of duty with the Marines, Sheriff Cutting began his career with the Essex County Sheriff's Office in 1977 as a Deputy Sheriff. During his tenure, he has served the Sheriff’s Office in the jail, the criminal/traffic enforcement, civil, has been a Lieutenant, Jail Administrator, Undersheriff and after the tragic loss of Sheriff Henry Hommes to cancer, he was appointed Sheriff and ran a successful campaign in 2010.

Education / Training

Sheriff Cutting is a graduate of North Country Community College with a degree in Criminal Justice and was a member of the 100th session of the National Sheriffs Institute Leadership Program.

Honors and Achievements

Sheriff Cutting had many “firsts” for Essex County. He was the first Essex County Deputy to become a certified Police and Corrections Instructor, was one of the first firearms instructors and was the first Jail Administrator. He was also one of the founding members of the Empire State Law Enforcement Training Network.

Sheriffs Office

Essex County has made some tremendous progress in the 21st century. We moved from our century-old, 24-bed facility into a state of the art Public Safety Building housing the Sheriff’s Office, a 120-bed Correctional Facility, a 9-1-1 center and a wing for the New York State Police that houses the former Westport Barracks and the Zone 3 Headquarters.


Sheriff Cutting is a lifelong resident of Essex County.