Ontario County

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Kevin Henderson


David Frasca


74 Ontario Street Canandaigua, NY 14424


585 394-4560






662 square miles



County Seat

Canandaigua, NY


I began my career as a deputy in the Marine Division in 1984. In 1986, I became a corrections officer in the Jail Division. In 1987, I was appointed as a road patrol deputy. Throughout my career, I continued to expand my knowledge and training, to include certifications as a narcotics K-9 handler, field training officer, community police officer, drug abuse resistance educator, school resource officer, police instructor, critical incident facilitator, enhanced bomb threat manager, juvenile officer, drug interdiction officer, marine enforcement officer, development instructor, basic and advanced death investigator, training coordinator, community policing model and mass fatality planning.

As a deputy sheriff, I am currently assigned as a School Resource Officer with the Manchester-Shortsville School District. We have SROs in every school district in the county, and I will continue to support this important program as your sheriff.

Accomplishments / Affiliations

I am also the former Union President at the Sheriff’s Office, and I have negotiated numerous contracts for the members over the years. I have also represented members in regard to discipline and contractual issues relevant to the union contract with the county. This experience is invaluable to any incumbent sheriff who needs to fully understand the culture and heartbeat of the Sheriff’s Office.

In addition to my law enforcement duties, I am a member of several boards and coalitions that support our community. I am the Vice Chairman of the Traffic Safety-STOP DWI Council, a board member of the Canandaigua Emergency Squad, and a board member with the New York State Association of County Coroners and Medical Examiners. I am also an active member with the Partnership for Ontario County, and I sit on the Substance Abuse, Suicide Prevention, No Where to Go for the Homeless, Child Advocacy Center, Juvenile Sex Trafficking and the Unwanted Prescription Programs.