Annual Training Conferences

NY Sheriffs Association

Sheriffs’ Summer Training Conference

Held each July, the Sheriffs’ Summer Training Conference is hosted by a different sheriff/county each year. Past locations have included Lake Placid, Watkins Glen, Cooperstown, West Point, and Alexandria Bay. Programs address current issues impacting law enforcement, corrections, court security, and civil matters with emphasis on analysis of new laws passed in the previous legislative session. Sheriffs also meet informally with one another and the speakers in attendance to discuss individual county issues. About 30 businesses from around the country participate in a tradeshow at the conference each summer.

Sheriffs’ Winter Training Conference

Held each January at The Desmond Hotel and Conference Center in Albany, NY, the Sheriffs’ Winter Training Conference coincides with the session of the state Legislature and emphasizes on analysis of legislative matters of concern to sheriffs and identifying legislative priorities for the future. Programs also address current topics of importance to sheriffs in law enforcement, corrections, court security and civil matters. Sheriffs also meet personally and informally with many state legislators and top state administrators to discuss important legislative and administrative issues. About 60 businesses from around the country participate in a tradeshow at the conference each winter.

New Sheriffs’ Academy

Each December, newly elected sheriffs and any new undersheriffs attend a training seminar at the Sheriffs’ Association Headquarters in Albany. The program includes: a detailed review of current legal issues facing sheriffs; a review of applicable laws, regulations and policies affecting newly-elected sheriffs; an opportunity to meet members of state administrative agencies and agency leaders with whom sheriffs will be dealing during their tenure; an overview of the resources offered by the Sheriffs’ Association and the Sheriffs’ Institute; and an introduction to experienced Sheriffs in leadership positions in both organizations.

Undersheriffs’ Training Conference

Each June, undersheriffs from around the state attend the Undersheriffs’ Training Conference in Saratoga Springs, NY. Undersheriffs in many counties are primarily responsible for administrative matters in the sheriff’s office. Our conferences provide training in such areas as labor management, employee discipline, and management of employee benefits (such disability payments, family, health and military leave). Since all major divisions of the sheriffs’ office -law enforcement, county jail, civil division and court security- report directly to the undersheriff, we also provide training in those areas and invite representatives from state and federal agencies who provide or administer programs in these areas. About 20 businesses from around the country participate in a tradeshow at the conference each spring.

Civil Supervisors’ Training Conference

Each June, civil supervisors from around the state attend the Civil Supervisors’ Training Conference in Saratoga Springs, NY. Civil supervisors are responsible for the handling, service and accounting of all process and monies received by the civil division. Sheriffs in less populated counties receive and account for hundreds of thousands of dollars each year; larger counties are responsible for millions of dollars annually. Our training conferences focus on best practices for the service of process and handling of these funds for the county. We have presentations on such issues as new technology, case law and statute updates, handling and preserving public records, and working with county and state accounting agencies to make sure that all records are accurately maintained.

Jail Administrators’ Training Conference

Each September, jail administrators from around the state attend the Jail Administrators’ Training Conference in the Capital District of New York. Jail administrators manage our county jails, which range in inmate capacity from 50 to over 2,000. We maintain close relationships with the State Commission of Correction, State Department of Correction and State Division of Parole, all of which have substantial impact on how county jails operate, and our training conferences regularly include presentations from these agencies. About 30 businesses from around the country participate in a tradeshow at the conference each fall.

Law Enforcement Supervisors’ Training Conference

Each September, law enforcement supervisors from around the state attend the Law Enforcement Supervisors’ Training Conference in Saratoga Springs, NY. Law Enforcement Supervisors are responsible for the daily patrol and investigative functions of a sheriff’s office, and often manage specialized units, such as drug task units, warrant squads, and domestic violence units. Our training conferences typically provide instruction from the State Division of Criminal Justice Services, the State Civil Service Department, and the Homeland Security Department. Topics covered in the past include: enforcement of laws regarding distracted driving, new laws dealing with human trafficking, handling fatal automobile accidents, and operation of Internal Affairs units.