Allegany County Sheriff’s Office Deploys Sheriffs’ Association Video Program

NY Sheriffs Association

Allegany County Sheriff Ricky Whitney, Undersheriff Kevin Monroe and IT Director Keith Hooker just deployed 3 portable video systems in the county using the Sheriffs’ Association’s Public Safety & Justice Portal video cloud network (hosted by CDW-G and using Cisco video endpoints).

The Problem: Allegany County saw a need to improve its training services and wanted to look at video telepresence as an option. CDW-G and Cisco worked with the County to understand their requirements and design a mobile solution to meet their needs.

The Solution: The County invested in three Cisco SX-20 conference room video systems mounted on rolling carts. Dual 60” displays will show both the video presenter and on-screen content. One of the displays is a multi-function smart-board device that can be used for sharing multiple media content including white-board drawings

The Results: The new system supports remote delivery of a range of training classes including enhanced educational services for inmates, enhanced training for sheriff’s office staff and, through a partnership with the county EMS council, training for an upcoming paramedic course. County departments planning to use the service include the Sheriff Office, Employment and Training and a local training service called Literacy West. Other departments may be joining as well.

Any Sheriff who is interested in learning more about the many applications for NYSSA’s CDW-G/Cisco video program should contact Chuck Gallo at NYSSA (